AICON is the next-generation, AI augmented decision support system. This ground- breaking product offers a family of solutions that optimize container terminals operations across Waterside, Yard, Landside, and Equipment utilization.
AICON’s AI engines ingest real-time and historical data from varied internal sources such as Terminal Operating, Equipment Control and various systems., and enrich this with relevant external data such as weather, tidal waves, marine traffic etc. Leveraging the latest Machine Learning techniques, AICON builds precise and accurate models that forecast, recommend, and make optimal decisions to raise terminal efficiencies to new heights.
AICON solutions are cloud-based, with standard web browser delivered dashboards. The solution requires no additional hardware or software. Each AICON module can be either implemented as stand alone module to deliver independent functionality or, can be implemented as an integrated optimization suite, spanning the entire operations.
AICON in entirely terminal and equipment agnostic and is adaptable to any configuration ranging from manual to fully automated.


Key features include precise forecasting for vessels, trucks, containers, equipment and operators, with recommendations that lead to decisions for terminal, equipment and human resource configurations.